Good News! 2/7/19

Good News!
Leah Robbins and her identical twin, Lila Garber, share everything — most importantly, a very good set of genes.

The Pennsylvania sisters celebrated their 95th birthday on Tuesday, a miraculous feat that is not lost on them.

Lila said, “I feel wonderful. It seems like a fairyland to be alive at 95 with my twin along side of me. We’re always together.” Leah added, “Oh, she’s the world to me. I don’t know what I’d do without her because she’s there for me all the time. Whenever I need her, she’s right there.”

Aside from the five years when Lila lived in California, the sisters have never been apart. Even today, they live together in the same house. They say they’re 100 percent healthy and attribute their longevity to the fact that they were never partiers.