Good News!! 2/8/19


Three friends from Delaware were enjoying a fishing trip in the Florida Keys when things took a dark turn and one of them suffered a heart attack.

Damien Richard, Sean Harrison and Ricky Bryan have been friends since childhood and were enjoying breakfast at their campsite when Ricky collapsed and fell against the side of the camper.

Damien called for help while Sean started CPR. Sean admits he was scared as he didn’t want to see his best friend suffocate. Luckily, his quick action and knowledge of CPR kept Ricky alive until paramedics arrived.

Before it was all over, Ricky flatlined five times and was defibrillated 10 times. But because of the help of his friends and the paramedics, he bounced back.

Now back home in Delaware, friendship between these three men has taken on a whole new meaning. A relaxing fishing trip turned into a scary adventure, but the rescue effort has become something that they will never forget – and something that has bonded them in a new and special way. (WRDE-TV)