Reps. Paquette, Wendzel Wondering What Whitmer’s Address Will Include

Governor Whitmer will lay out her legislative agenda Tuesday night with her first State of the State speech. Freshman state Representative Brad Paquette of Berrien Springs wants details on how she plans to follow through with the pledge to fix the roads.

“I’m really curious as to how she’s going to re-prioritize funds and maybe spend the money we’re already spending in the gas tax on the roads without cutting our education funding,” says Paquette.

Fellow freshman Republican Representative Pauline Wendzel of Watervliet has the same question, and also wants to hear about education.

“During her campaign she talked a lot about fixing the roads, and I’m looking forward to hearing her plan,” said Wendzel. She’s also looking forward to hearing what Whitmer has to say regarding Career and Technical Education, or CTE training.

Whitmer’s State of the State address will be Tuesday at 7 p.m., and you can hear it live on News/Talk 94.9 WSJM.