Bills To Exempt Feminine Hygiene Products From Taxes Introduced In MI Senate

State Senator Winnie Brinks of Grand Rapids has reintroduced a bill that would eliminate the so-called “tampon tax” in Michigan and make feminine hygiene products exempt from sales and use taxes. She has tried and failed before to get the bill passed in the state House and this is her first attempt in the Senate. She says it’s an unfair tax on women just for being women.

“This adds up to hundreds of dollars in just taxes over a lifetime,” explains Brinks. She says it would take about $5 million in revenue away from the state, but adds that’s a very small sliver of state revenues. Opponents say right now with roads crumbling, schools underfunded and other issues, they aren’t sure they can afford another tax break. Eleven state currently exempt tampons and other feminine hygiene products from taxes, including Illinois and Ohio.