Brilliant Bethany has the choice of 6 questions, but which one did she pick? Check out the questions below and listen to our podcast to hear!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is auctioning off four of his NBA championship rings for charity. What team did he win those rings with?
a) L.A. Lakers
b) Boston Celtics
c) Chicago Bulls
Happy birthday to Kate Mara. On the show 24, what job did her character Shari Rothenberg do?
a) Sniper
b) Computer analyst
c) Journalist
Which of these generally has compression couplings, an adjusting ring and an aerator?
a) Kitchen faucet
b) Gas chainsaw
c) Car tire
Scott Foley stars in the new ABC drama Whiskey Cavalier. His most recent TV role before this was in which Shonda Rhimes show?
a) Grey’s Anatomy
b) Scandal
c) How to Get Away With Murder
The first season of The Masked Singer winds up tonight. Which of these onetime stars is not a judge on the show?
a) Nicole Scherzinger
b) Robin Thicke
c) Carly Rae Jepsen
Teardrop is a type of which of these?
a) Sweater
b) Earring
c) Haircut