Local Students Visit Lawmakers In Lansing


Around 30 students from the Benton Harbor Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates program headed to Lansing this week to meet with their state lawmakers. The third annual JMG Legislative Day was Thursday, says program deputy director Mollie Waller.

“Some of the students talked about barriers such as access to fresh foods, or transportation issues where there’s no reliable public transportation to get to school,” Waller said. “Others talked about the fact that the alternative school program that JMG offers is really the way they learn the best.”

Waller told WSJM News the JMG students talked with state Senator Kim LaSata and state representative Pauline Wendzel.

“State lawmakers are  overwhelmingly supportive the Jobs for Michigan’s program because they’be had an opportunity to see the youth and the impact that it’s making,” Waller said.

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates provides life and job skills to students, helping many of them graduate high school, go on to college, and find good jobs. Waller says it celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. The program started in Benton Harbor, and expanded around the state. JMG works with nearly 3,000 young people each year across Michigan.