Brilliant Bethany – 05/01/19

Brilliant Bethany has the choice of 6 questions, but which one did she pick? Check out the questions below and listen to our podcast below to hear!

L.A. Dodgers star Cody Bellinger could win baseball’s Triple Crown, which means leading the league in home runs, batting average and what?
a) Stolen bases
b) Runs batted in
c) Hits
Happy birthday to Jamie Dornan. You know him best from the 50 Shades movies, but he also plays Will Scarlet in which of these flicks?
a) Pirates of the Caribbean
b) Robin Hood
c) King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Which of these would have an outboard motor?
a) Hedge trimmer
b) Air conditioner
c) Fishing boat
The Billboard Music Awards air tonight, with Kelly Clarkson hosting. Which of these guys did she beat out when she won American Idol?
a) Adam Lambert
b) Justin Guarini
c) Sanjaya Malakar
The Empire State Building opened its doors to the public 88 years ago today. Which Meg Ryan movie does the Empire State Building figure in?
a) You’ve Got Mail
b) When Harry Met Sally
c) Sleepless in Seattle
Which of these is OK to put in the dishwasher?
a) Chef’s knife
b) Silicon spatula
c) Crystal pitcher