Workshop To Teach Property Owners About Forest Management

Coming up this Friday will be a presentation by the Van Buren Conservation District on how to manage forests on private property. The SWxSW Corner CISMA’s Eleanor Serocki tells WSJM News the goal is to help people manage their “back 40.”

“I’ll be speaking on invasive species that we find in forests and how to protect our woods from them,” Serocki said. “Kyle Mead here at the district office will be talking about the MAEAP program and how you can enroll your forest. We have a speaker who is going to be discussing the Qualified Forest Program, which can actually lead to some tax breaks.”

After that, everyone will go out into the woods to check out some examples of what was discussed. Serocki says most people just leave their woodland property alone to grow wild, but you can do things with it to prevent the spread of invasive species, or even affect the deer population. This Friday’s event will be held at the Hamilton Township Hall in Decatur. Anyone who wants to attend can call the Van Buren Conservation District. The number is 269-657-4030.