League Of Conservation Voters Praise Whitmer On Climate Issues

By Doug Cunningham

Michigan League Of Conservation Voters Executive Director Lisa Wozniak says climate change and other environmental issues is not and should not be a partisan political issue. The league is commending Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her actions so far on climate change and the environment. Wozniak says Michiganders see climate change and the environment as a high priority.

“The environment, our Great Lakes , our natural resources that literally define the state truly ought not be a partisan issue. And in many case it’s not. When it gets right down do it the people of Michigan care deeply. It is very clear that there is a high priority in the people’s minds.”

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters applauds Gov. Whitmer for “having state departments like Corrections,Transportation, Natural Resources and others to immediately implement cleaner energy solutions and reduce state government’s impact on climate change.”

As for climate change deniers, Wozniak says even within the Republican party they are disappearing.

“That sector is shrinking and shrinking rapidly. There have been recent polls that show that young people who identify as Republican – one of their top concerns is climate change. And so I believe the party, the Republican Party, really needs to shift to actually address the issues that their constituents and especially young people are concerned about.”

Wozniak says evidence of climate change and how important it is to voters is quite clear.