USDA: Don’t Hang On To Leftovers For More Than A Few Days

Now that it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, you really should stop eating your holiday leftovers. U.S. Department of Agriculture food specialist Chrystal Okonta tells WSJM News the official recommendation is that leftovers only be kept in the fridge for a few days.

“We recommend three to four days for leftovers in the fridge,” Okonta said. “Any longer than that, they should be stored in the freezer for longer storage. Once you hit Monday after Thanksgiving, those leftovers should be eaten, put in the freezer, or they should just b thrown away.”

Okonta says that applies to anything perishable. She also says watch out for signs of spoilage, like sliminess or a smell. Since you can’t really tell if illness-causing bacteria has started to accumulate on food, Okonta says the best bet is to be cautious.