Nessel Reaches Settlement In Michigan Gas Utilities Rate Increase Proposal

A proposed rate increase by Michigan Gas Utilities has been reduced by the Michigan Public Service Commission after state Attorney General Dana Nessel brought a case before the panel. Nessel’s office says the MPSC last week approved a settlement which will be roughly 40% lower than the requested rate increase submitted by Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation. The MPSC approved the $9.25 million settlement last week, which is $6 million less than the gas company’s original request of $15.1 million. The rate increase for customers will be around 4.9% for residential customers compared to the requested 8.2% increase. Nessel’s settlement also includes several assistance programs for those struggling with their bills. Michigan Gas filed its application for a natural gas rate increase before the MPSC in March. The company provides natural gas service to about 181,000 customers across southern and southwest Michigan. The utility’s last rate increase was in 2015.