Remembering Mrs. Seabury – Matt Malone Morning Show – 08/16/22

I’ll start this by saying that I didn’t know Mrs. Seabury on a personal level, but a few years back she was kind enough to let me come in and record her Kindergarten class doing the Pledge of Allegiance and thought it was “really cool” that we were doing it.  You can hear it in her voice how much excitement she had for this, but more the joy in her voice reflects how much she loved her job. I thought it would be nice to remember and, in a way, honor her by playing back her and her classroom doing the pledge and as a way for anyone who’s life was touched by her to be able to have another opportunity to hear her kind voice. Thank you, Mrs. Seabury, for all of your years of dedication to helping get our students ready and excited about school.