Council Says Proposal 3 Has Some Unclear Language

Many questions surround Proposal 3, the November ballot proposal that would allow abortion in Michigan following Roe v. Wade being overturned by the US Supreme Court. The Citizens Research Council provides unbiased information on issues to help create sound, rational public policy in Michigan. Eric Lupher is the organization’s president. He says Proposal 3 has some language that may not lead to clear conclusions.

“We also see a lot of ambiguity in the wording of the proposal,” says Lupher. “There’s a lot of things that will have to be settled if this is adopted. A lot of litigation and court decisions to say ‘What exactly are we going to understand’ with this term and that term and a number of other things.”

Lupher believes there will be time needed to understand all the terminology to make sure it’s a well-understood playing field for all involved.