Whirlpool Enters Power Purchase Agreement In Effort To Reach Net Zero Emissions

Whirlpool has announced it’s entered into a second wind Virtual Power Purchase Agreement to speed up the process of reaching its goal to have Net Zero emissions in its plants and operations by 2030. The latest agreement with ENGIE North America will represent 53 megawatts of renewable wind energy over 12 years. Whirlpool says that’s the equivalent of removing 30,000 gas-powered vehicles from the road, displacing 321,000 barrels of oil used per year, or powering 27,000 homes for a year. As part of its efforts to reach Net Zero emissions, Whirlpool has been making energy-efficient upgrades across its manufacturing plants while also investing in off site renewable energy opportunities through Virtual Power Purchase Agreements. Whirlpool Director of Sustainability Ron Voglewede says the latest agreement is a part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.