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Huizenga slams Hunter Biden deal


Congressman Bill Huizenga says the deal reached between Hunter Biden and federal prosecutors this week strikes a blow to the credibility of Democrats. Under the agreement released Tuesday, Biden will plead guilty to a couple of misdemeanor

Commissioners welcome broadband news


Berrien County Commissioners are hailing the latest broadband news to come to the county. Speaking to colleagues Thursday, Commissioner Teri Freehling said the first bit of news is the initial approval of a Midwest Energy and Communications

Huizenga supported censure of Adam Schiff


Supporting the censure of Congressman Adam Schiff this week was Congressman Bill Huizenga. The U.S. House voted mostly along party lines Wednesday to formally reprimand Schiff for his actions leading up to the first impeachment of former

Albion College Helping With NASA Moon Mission


NASA astronauts will be heading back to the moon by 2025 and professors and students from Albion College in southern Michigan are helping with research. Albion Physics Department chair, professor Nicolle Zellner, will study lunar crust samples