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Good News!! 2/8/19

MEN SAVE FRIEND’S LIFE DURING HEART ATTACK Three friends from Delaware were enjoying a fishing trip in the Florida Keys when things took a dark turn and one of them suffered a heart attack. Damien Richard, Sean

Good News! 2/7/19

Good News! Leah Robbins and her identical twin, Lila Garber, share everything — most importantly, a very good set of genes. The Pennsylvania sisters celebrated their 95th birthday on Tuesday, a miraculous feat that is not lost

Good News!! 2/6/19

VETERAN ADOPTS DOG HE SERVED WITH IN AFGHANISTAN Back in 2013, Joseph Steenbeke of Culver, Indiana, was serving in the Army over in Afghanistan – and relied on a bomb-sniffing dog named Tess to keep him and

Good News – 02/05/19

3rd grader, Luke, was having a rough time because he stood out by being bald due to alopecha. 14 of his classmates wanted to change that, so they too shaved their heads to help their friend feel

Good News!! 02/04/19

CHARITY BASKETBALL GAME RAISES MONEY FOR TEACHER IN NEED In Johnson City, Tennessee, North Side Elementary school faculty and students got together to raise money for their beloved kindergarten teacher Amy Barnett, who was diagnosed with colon