Upton Pleased Tariffs Avoided

A deal announced over the weekend to avert new tariffs on goods entering the U.S. from Mexico is being called a good one by Congressman Fred Upton. He tells WSJM News it was obvious President Trump was ready to impose the tariffs, and it had to be avoided.

“No one really wanted these tariffs to come into effect,” Upton said. “In fact, Michigan was going to be the second most impacted state in terms of costs to consumers and to jobs. Texas was number one, and Michigan number two because of autos and ag.”

Upton says he just met with the CEOs of Ford and GM recently, and learned with all of the car parts made in one country and then shipped to another, these tariffs would have been a disaster.

“It’s almost impossible to then put a tariff on all of these goods, knowing that it’s going to go up to 25% by October 1, without those costs being passed along to the consumer.”

Upton says Mexico agreed to put thousands of troops at its southern border to prevent more illegal immigration from finding its way to the U.S. The plan was announced over the weekend with the president playing it up as a victory.