Huizenga: restarting Palisades would be good for Michigan


Congressman Bill Huizenga paid a visit to Holtec International’s Corporate Technology Center in Camden, New Jersey Thursday to learn more about the company and its plans to restart the Palisades nuclear power plant in Van Buren County.

Huizenga tells us Holtec is well on its way to making the project happen with a $1.5 billion federal loan for the company expected to be announced soon.

He was impressed by what he saw in New Jersey.

“I actually saw some of the equipment that’s going to be sent to Palisades,” Huizenga said. “It actually had spray-painted on it, ‘Palisades,’ where it’s intended to go. It was a very worthwhile visit last night and this morning to get to know the Holtec folks better and it’s really strengthened my resolve to say yes, we need to move forward with this. This is good for Michigan, it’s good for the country.”

Huizenga says it makes good sense to restart Palisades when considering how difficult it can be to start a new nuclear power plant. He says there’s already all the infrastructure there for transmitting power and all of the siting has already been done.